Our Services

We provide every step of the process for our clients, from creative direction, digitisation of art and personalised smart contracts to personalised legal contracts and marketing and sales advice.



  • NFTs 101 workshop
  • ‘Understanding the Space’ documents
  • 24/7 access to industry experts

We provide our clients with education workshops on the NFT space, helping you to understand not only the jargon and infrastructure underlying web3, but also what makes a valuable NFT offering. Beyond this, we remain on-hand throughout the process to answer and discuss all and any questions that may emerge along the way.

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Creative Direction

  • Detailed market research
  • Innovative NFT proposals
  • Roadmaps covering every stage

At Ad Astra, we are continually building our understanding of the NFT market, and the reasons that it moves in the way it does. We use a range of data, informed by both past-market tracking and future-market predictions, to provide innovative NFT proposals for our clients.

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Digital Artistry

  • Designing NFT artwork with our clients
  • Opportunities for continuous revisions
  • Top-quality digital artists

We work closely with a range of top-quality digital artists, each with their own expertise and niche, to bring your artworks to life. Each NFT we create goes through several rounds of feedback with our clients to ensure that you’re happy with the product that’s being created.

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Smart Contracts

  • Tech-innovative NFT creation
  • Custom smart contract development
  • Blockchain and minting strategy

Our NFT offerings are built with a desire to explore the technological possibilities that are unique to the NFT format. Not only do we provide custom smart contracts for our clients and mint their NFTs to the chain that best suits that project, but we also utilise IPFS to secure the content and links of the NFTs we create.

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Legal Contracts

  • In-depth NFTs and IP research
  • Personalised legal contracts
  • User friendly IP explanation

The legal space around NFTs and Web3 is both new and constantly developing. Our highly qualified in-house lawyers are not only invested in understanding and interpreting the current existing regulations and law, but in writing legal contracts that protect our clients’ IP to the greatest possible extent.

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Marketing & Sales

  • Detailed go-to-market strategy
  • Dedicated PR team
  • Platform advice and support

As a commission-based agency, we are greatly invested in ensuring the success of our clients’ NFT offerings. We help with both a detailed go-to-market strategy for the offering but also work closely with a PR team to provide dedicated marketing to support your sales.

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Delivering end-to-end NFT services

Delivering end-to-end NFT services

Delivering end-to-end NFT services

Delivering end-to-end NFT services