NFTs – Where Will We Be in Five Years Time?

July 22

About this event

The utility of NFTs is increasingly being explored across a range of industries, from art and fashion to real estate and climate change. How will gamification play a role in the development of NFTs and DeFi? How can NFTs be used to push the boundaries of the social media landscape? And where will the legal space be in 5 years time compared to where it sits today? Come along on 29th May to hear from a range of viewpoints about the future of the space!

Our speakers include:

Nathan Catania – Partner at XReg Consulting, qualified accountant and experienced former regulator, having worked in the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission’s DLT team. Member of various NFT collectives including ThugDAO.

Danver Chandler – Head of Community at Synesis One, where her work covers AI, blockchain and play-2-earn. She is a former educator with a wealth of experience in communications.

Jakub Klisky – President of the London Blockchain Labs (UCL division) and computer science student. Smart contract engineer at Cred protocol and founder of Yume, an NFT fashion project.

Fraser Bell – Founder of Melon, the first NFT platform for social media creators.

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